Bagging Equipment

Speed and reliability are key to our bagging services. Our advanced bagging equipment can fill over ten 20kg or 50 litre bags per minute. We continually maintain our machinery to ensure correct weights and high product quality. The machine weighs each individual bag, rejecting any that it identifies as underweight. Our larger runs are usually open mouth 20kg and 50 litre bags, but we can also bag smaller sizes of open mouth bags, starting at 5kg. The process includes labelling, batch coding and barcoding. We can also include automated palletising and pallet wrapping. Bags can either be sewn or heat-sealed to close.

At the other end of the range, we have a small bagging machine. This machine increases our flexibility by handling short runs and one-off jobs. This machine can also fill fabric bags and cope with unusual sizes.

A separate, dedicated line bags firewood and kindling. This bagging equipment includes a tumbling process to ensure the firewood is clean and free of foreign material.

Our team cleans all our equipment before every run to reduce contamination.

Bagging equipment in use