Firewood and Kindling

Bags of firewood

We bag the best firewood! We have a dedicated line bagging firewood and kindling. Our most popular firewood is our Pilliga hardwood, dense and slow burning, as approved by the Firewood Association of Australia. We sell it at regular size, approximately the size of a loaf of bread, or cut to stove size, which is perfect for most fireplaces, stoves, fire pits and pizza ovens. It’s the best bagged firewood around.

We also offer Eco Choice, which comprises hardwood offcuts and is our most cost-effective firewood. We bag firewood in our own eye-catching 20kg bags, or in your own bags. Kindling can also be bagged in our bags or yours

For serious firewood fans, we also offer firewood in 500kg bulk bags, which we can deliver direct to your customers by crane truck.

We Bag the Best: 7 Reasons to Sell Our Firewood

  1. Our firewood is a mix of the slowest-burning and warmest hardwoods, including Ironbark and Bull Oak
  2. We only sell firewood that has been seasoned (aged) for at least two years, so it is dry and ready to burn
  3. Our firewood is approved by the Firewood Association of Australia
  4. Firewood is a great product to sell in winter, when other hardware, building and landscaping products can slow down
  5. You can be sure that our firewood is a quality product that will keep your customers coming back for more all winter!
  6. Our firewood bags are eye-catching for customers
  7. Or enhance your brand by selling our firewood in your bags!

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